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About This Project

Inaugurated by the President of the Republic and Senator for Life Renzo Piano, the intervention redeveloped the Bonardi campus of the Polytechnic, in which one out of 4 Italian architects graduates.
The project was born from an idea donated by former student Renzo Piano on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Milanese institution, and was then developed by the Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners studio. Vertical surfaces on ventilated walls, floating floors and interior coverings interact with each other, with a material finish studied on purpose during the design phase, in variable sizes from 60x120cm up to 400cm in length.

The cladding materials and special connecting elements in ennobled concrete were made by Zanette with CLADIA® panels, while the products for the R13 anti-slip class flooring were made on RECKLI 2/201 Mecklenburg matrix.

The floor plan of building 13 was “designed” in the casting with molds made of RECKLI Pur-Elastomer polyurethane rubber.

Everything was treated in the same prefabrication plant with the protective water-repellent, oil-repellent, stain-resistant and anti-efflorescence GUARD CF 24H.




Politecnico di Milano


Zanette Srl – Vigonovo (PN)


Matrice RECKLI 2/201 Mecklenburg
Protettivo GUARD CF 24H
Gomma liquida RECKLI Pur-Elastomer


© Gianluca Di Ioia


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