New factory on the Milan-Venice Highway

Ambrosi Spa, nuovo stabilimento sulla Milano-Venezia realizzato da Coplan

Along the Milan-Venice highway, a well-known cheese company called Ambrosi  built his own new factory. The effect of the surface is striking for its originality and elegance. The result obtained with the prestigious precast facades is seen daily by thousands of people driving by.

The large precast concrete panels, covering the whole façade with a “stone effect surface”, have been created thanks to a RECKLI formliner which gives an effect that recreates the flakes of the parmesan cheese. The particular color of the concrete surface is due to the use of a special photocatalytic varnish. A total of 2.800 square …

Construction workers social security fund in Sondrio

zecca prefabbricati casa edilesondrio

The new building of the Cassa Edile di Sondrio, which also houses the Building Safety and Training Authority, has recently been completed. The building, named after Camillo Quadrio and Mosè Tognela, former presidents of the two joint institutions, permanently hosts in their laboratories daily lessons and exercises for students of the course for construction workers. The building is LEED certified and is at the forefront of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. In the building are used prefabricated concrete panels made on a “crumpled paper effect” rubber matrix.

Project: Archh. Nicola Stefanelli e Giovanbattista Bonomi


New square in Umbria

Nuova piazza in Umbria

A new square dedicated to artist Nino Caruso was built nearby Todi, replacing an old gas station. The artist was deeply tied to Umbria and to Todi particularly, where he created most of his artworks. Some elastic formliners were obtained casting two-component Pur-Elastomer liquid rubber onto the original ceramic tiles created by the artist. Once demolded, the liners were glued inside the formworks, carving the design directly into the concrete. The new square was built thanks to the local administration, as a sign of gratitude to the artist.

Project: Balletti & Sabbatini…

HAUSBRANDT logistics hub

img evidenza HAUSBRANDT

Bespoke formliners were used to make the precast concrete elements, used to clad the entire logistics hub of the well-known coffee maker HAUSBRANDT. The facades were designed as if they were drapes moved by the wind, managing to mask the repetitiveness of the precast modules. The windows/doors and the bas-relief logo were obtained directly during the casting of concrete thanks to special elastic counter-formliners made by Reckli.

Project: Pio & Tito Toso…

Mall in Collegno (Turin)

collegno featured

A new commercial structure has been built in an area of ​​industrial transformation and conversion, with a strong urban character, near the subway terminal. The entrance is characterized by a forest of steel pillars and evokes the idea of ​​a path in the woods. All facade cladding elements (concrete and ventilated facade panels) have been designed to communicate an idea of ​​natural and sustainable modernity.

The prevalent image of a standard container marked by the colors of the brands contrasts with an architecture characterized by the strong connotation of the outer shell and the relationship space created at the entrance …

Curno Elementary School (BG)

Scuola elementare di Curno (BG)

The object of the project is a new elementary school in Curno, in the province of Bergamo, equipped with innovative learning tools and multimedial whiteboards. The new school structure, with a total area of ​​2,845 m2, was built in an urban context characterized by the presence of several public services; sports facilities, tennis courts, soccer fields, middle school, school canteen, library building and auditorium. The project defines a clear limit to the road. The wall assumes the role of a fence but also of a façade. The approximately 380 pupils will find themselves inside the wall in a secured environment, …

Herno logistics centre – Lesa (NO)

Centro logistico Herno – Lesa (NO)

The new logistics centre is camouflaged in the surrounding environment, in full respect of the landscape and in harmony with nature, philosophy of the well-known outerwear manufacturer.

The precast plant with typical industrial character was therefore revisited with emphasis on landscape and working on the building shapes. 2.400 square meters of covered area were completely covered by smooth concrete panels for the inner surface and concrete elements with a horizontal design to the outside, a unique texture that provides casing material and symbolic importance: the walls become baskets adorned with shrubs and native species, natural backdrops recreated thanks to concrete.…

Natali Building – La Spezia

NataliBuilding LaSpezia

The area of a former refinery ​located ​ northeast of La Spezia has been submitted to environmental remediation and​ industrial redeployment w​ith construction of new buildings.​
The goal of Natali Building was the use of non-permeable surfaces, preserving the existing green area.
​The 18m tall stairway concrete wall in the core of the building was moulded with a RECKLI Friesland formliner. The chiaroscuro effect is ​obtained by the natural light coming from the large skylight.

Design by: Studio Manfroni & Associati
Construction company: Cooperativa Cattolica Costruzioni Edili…

Persico Industrial Area – Nembro (Bergamo)

area industriale persico spa in evidenza

The purchase by Persico SPA of former Comital area has led to a renovation project and refurbishment of the entire area located in Nembro.
Conservation, conversion and new building were the three principles of the project made by the architect Francesco Adobati. New facilities with modern and essential lines, creating a sharp break with the existing buildings; managing to maintain the architectural bottom line, also guaranteed by the choice of only two materials: colored concrete made with liquid black additive Betoncolor and shaped with Reckli standard formliner 2/168 Somme for the entire lower part of the buildings, and transparent polycarbonate, …

Diesel Store New York

Diesel Store New York

DIESEL opens its doors in Manhattan, with a new concept store at 625 Madison Avenue, prestigious location for the well-known Italian fashion brand. Project architect Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall, Japanese architectural firm in Tokyo. The concrete cladding of the facade captures the light to accelerate the natural atmospheric oxidation, decomposing the polluting elements through a process called photocatalysis. Concrete precast elements made by Archiform of Trescore Balneario (Italy).…

Railway Line Foligno-Terontola

Sottovia Linea Ferroviaria Foligno Terontola in evidenza

Construction of a vehicular and pedestrian underpass in Bastia Umbra (Perugia). Precast concrete walls made by Prefabbricati Barili. Textured concrete walls made with RECKLI formliner 2/151 GIRONDE, total surface of the job approx. 1100 square meters.…