Curno Elementary School (BG)

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About This Project

The object of the project is a new elementary school in Curno, in the province of Bergamo, equipped with innovative learning tools and multimedial whiteboards. The new school structure, with a total area of ​​2,845 m2, was built in an urban context characterized by the presence of several public services; sports facilities, tennis courts, soccer fields, middle school, school canteen, library building and auditorium. The project defines a clear limit to the road. The wall assumes the role of a fence but also of a façade. The approximately 380 pupils will find themselves inside the wall in a secured environment, isolated from the noises of the street. It is a functional wall, designed to protect the students’ peace of mind.

It is not a cold and informal concrete wall, but a homogeneous and colorful shell, marked by many vibrations obtained with Reckli 2/121 Cheyenne rubber formliner, recalling the rocky walls of the Bergamo Alps or the rugged bark of the trees. The wall is not totally closed but light and air can pass through small openings.

Design by: Studio PBEB + OdA_associati
Construction Company: Sca.Mo.Ter. s.p.a.

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Curno (BG)


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RECKLI Formliner 2/121 Cheyenne


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