New factory on the Milan-Venice Highway

About This Project

Along the Milan-Venice highway, a well-known cheese company called Ambrosi  built his own new factory. The effect of the surface is striking for its originality and elegance. The result obtained with the prestigious precast facades is seen daily by thousands of people driving by.

The large precast concrete panels, covering the whole façade with a “stone effect surface”, have been created thanks to a RECKLI formliner which gives an effect that recreates the flakes of the parmesan cheese. The particular color of the concrete surface is due to the use of a special photocatalytic varnish. A total of 2.800 square meters of surface which strongly characterize the image of this company, leader since 1942 in the dairy production sector.

Project: Ingegneri Progettisti e Affini

Facade Design: Studio Piva – Vienna


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Via Ambrosi 1, Castenedolo

Precast concrete

Moretti SpA


Reckli formliners


Arch. Giacomo Albo


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