Design and realize textured fair-faced concrete

“The use of elastomeric polyurethane formliners for patterning and texturing concrete surfaces has achieved the widest acceptance from the point of view of quality and economy. Many millions of square meters endorse this. The elasticity of the formliners enables damage free demoulding of concrete, even for complicated and delicate details. Our system allows architects, planners and builders the greatest possible freedom to meet virtually any design requirement.

The production of patterned and textured concrete surfaces made with our elastomeric polyurethane formliners has been used worldwide for more than 45 years. Our formliners can be used in precast or cast insitu concrete. Our catalogue contains over 250 standard designs. We supply the formliners in various degrees of reusability. Beside this large range, we can also manufacture special moulds and formliners to the customer´s own designs”.