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About This Project

A new commercial structure has been built in an area of ​​industrial transformation and conversion, with a strong urban character, near the subway terminal. The entrance is characterized by a forest of steel pillars and evokes the idea of ​​a path in the woods. All facade cladding elements (concrete and ventilated facade panels) have been designed to communicate an idea of ​​natural and sustainable modernity.

The prevalent image of a standard container marked by the colors of the brands contrasts with an architecture characterized by the strong connotation of the outer shell and the relationship space created at the entrance of the structure. The “branches” effect concrete panels were made by the precast company starting from a milled wood model, on which the liquid rubber Reckli Pur-Elastomer was cast; once hardened the rubber formliner was glued to the bottom of the formwork, to impress this original texture into the concrete panels.

Design by:
Pannelli prefabbricati: Cemental spa

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