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Exposed aggregate Concrete

superfici architettoniche-catalogo 2023

The surfaces in washed cement gravel

they are in great demand thanks to their pleasant aesthetic appearance, durability and cost-effectiveness, in fact they do not require any maintenance. COPLAN offers the complete range of deactivators: solvent-based or water-based retardant lacquers to be applied to the bottom of the formwork, solvent-free retardants to create exposed gravel architectural floors, special deactivators for draining concrete, etc.

Deactivated concrete architectural flooring products

COPLAN deactivators for washed concrete surfaces give a natural effect to the wall or flooring.

Architectural floors in washed gravel are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and economically very interesting, as they do not require maintenance. The exposed gravel effect guarantees a totally natural effect of the flooring; the mechanical resistance and anti-slip properties make it ideal for the construction of squares, pavements, ramps, swimming pools, garden paths, etc.